Bear In Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth

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Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Ah the woozy psychedelic glory of Bear In Heaven is almost too much too take. Thanks to Rough Trade Record Shop for introducing us to this Brooklyn four-piece’s second album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth  – we’re told to think East West North South regarding the title and a nod to the recurring number four theme and the crossroads association the number bears. Deep! Whichever musical turning these guys took, it was the right one.

For Fans Of: Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett), Secret Machines, The Flaming Lips.

Beast Rest Forth Mouth is an album that rewards repeated listens, as a guide to its sound we quite like Heavy Psyche Pop with serious Shoegaze leanings.

Bear In Heaven are currently undertaking a mammoth North American tour with the likes of Secret Machines and Cymbals Eat Guitars before eventually washing up on these shores in April. There are two London shows at present: The Lexington, April 20th and The Windmill, April 26th.

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