Review: Here We Go Magic @ Hoxton B&G, Sep 7th.

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Despite being fans of Here We Go Magic since picking up a promo of ‘Fangela’ from the band’s 2009 eponymous debut, we’d annoyingly managed to miss the bands numerous live performances rather prolifically up until yesterday. Last night though all was finally set right in Hoxton Bar & Grill, a regular haunt for us and Spectrals (who also opened up for Harlem) of late. So, how would Here We Go Magic fare with the weight of their new Thom Yorke seal of approval on their shoulders?

Here We Go Magic @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, Sep 7th 2010.

Luke Temple (guitar/vocals) takes to the stage looking like a Panama hatted, moustached version of Greg Kinnear and is joined under the bright lights by his tight knit band consisting of easy on the eyes pair Kristina Lieberson (keys/synth/backing vocals) and Jennifer Turner (bass/backing vocals), Peter Hale (drums) and Michael Bloch (lead guitar).

Temple immediately informs us that American scientists say the moon is going to drop into the Pacific in the near future! A comforting thought but not even that can stop the warm groove of ‘Moon’ from getting the crowd swaying. Then to our delight the previously mentioned ‘Fangela’ gets an early airing as the New Yawkers begin to slip into their stride.

‘Hibernation’ is the first track to showcase the thicker full band groove of the new album, with Temple’s gorgeous high vocals sitting above an irresistible, finger picked bass line courtesy of the dexterous Turner. ‘Only Pieces’ then serves to cast its creeping hypnotic trance over the unsuspecting audience. The band never look back from there, growing with intensity with every track it would seem and by the time their biggest hit of sorts ‘Collector’ comes around, the crowd are eating out of their Magic hand and surfing the song’s woozy psychedelic wave into a welcome oblivion.

There’s no backstage at Hoxton Bar & Grill so you have to walk through the crowd and out of the front door to leave which doesn’t bode well for the “Will they, wont they?” encore tension we’ve all come to love! So after a thankfully brief faux exit the band respond to the cheers and return to play a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song. Namely a more tender number from album one entitled ‘Everything’s Big’ which thankfully we don’t have to describe as we’ve captured it on video for you at the top of this very post.

A fact you’ll doubtless be hearing again (perhaps right now) is that after seeing Here We Go Magic at Glastonbury Thom Yorke proclaimed them the best band of the festival. On this evidence, who are we to argue? The Bestival crown is the next up for grabs then.